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season 1

CODED explores how idealism collides with the real world, and what happens when people open themselves up to the lives of others.

Spontaneous Combustion

An idealistic teacher shows up on his first day ready to change lives, but his five at-risk students thwart his plans.

Episode 1

Episode 2


Shae, hoping to reach his new students, begs the vice principal to let Kevin off the hook for starting a fire in class.

Episode 3

It Shows

When Shae tries to inspire his students with a poem they revolt, prompting the Principal to question his ability to teach. After sincerity fails, Shae tries to barter some better behaviour out of Kevin.

Episode 4

Not My Kids

Shae's secret deal with Kevin falls apart when a parent, angry about the classroom fire, storms Meet the Teacher night.

Episode 5

Two Steps Back

The Vice Principal suspends Kevin after Shae promised him otherwise. The class now trusts him even less than before and refuses to cooperate. At home, Marci's family pushes Shae to buy a house.

Episode 6

Waste of  Time

When Shae gets Kevin back into his class, he immediately lights a cigarette, forcing Shae to break the rules again to let him stay.

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